Data Visualization.
SQL Analytics

Unlock advanced insights about your metrics, audience, and key data.
Track your KPIs, monitor productivity and run complex SQL queries in one view.
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Get the most out of your data
Get your admin panel up and running in a flash with all the features you expect from an advanced product.
Get the most out of your data
Effortlessly keep track of your team's performance and always have your global KPI right before your eyes.

  • Create analytical reports on your data using the Query Builder
  • Run complex SQL queries to display important charts in real time
  • Live search autocomplete
Visualize anything
Simplify your complex data on a dashboard with Jet's set of widgets.

  • Display your metrics in the most convenient format: Line chart, Bar chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Counter, List
  • Edit, drag-and-drop and resize any widget to your needs
  • Use multiple dashboards to manage different business units
  • Manage access rights to individual dashboards
  • Share powerful insights with your team and business partners via email or Slack
Connect your data in 5 minutes or less
We support all major databases and data warehouses, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redshift, BigQuery
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