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Thanks to Jet Admin's SaaS architecture and Premium features, both large and small teams on the rise can achieve operational excellence by saving time and money on software maintenance and incompatibility.
Flex View
Some processes are so complex, they require a custom widget solution. For instance, you might want to visualize the customer journey map in the form of a graph or a sidebar inside your admin panel. You can totally realize that in Jet! Thanks to our Flex View feature, you can code your own view into the admin's interface using JS (Angular, React), HTML, and CSS.
Live Query
The Live SQL Query mode has been designed to provide you with a flexible, easy to use and accessible interface when hard questions need to be answered.

  • SQL Charts
Simply run queries using the SQL Query Builder and visualize your data graphically with SQL charts.

  • SQL Filter
Set up advanced SQL filters for your queries to quickly find the data that interests you.

Record Analytics
Switch between key indicators on a specific record to gain powerful insights about your items and audiences. Create and export instant reports on segmented data and run SQL queries to quickly display important charts.
Team-based permissions
Add users to individual dashboards, control their access rights to specific contents, and let everyone on the team customize the admin panel to fulfill their needs. For instance, you can restrict users from performing specific actions as well as reading, editing, and deleting a certain collection or dashboard.
Multiple dashboards
Use multiple dashboards to monitor your key data across different databases and aggregate all crucial metrics in one view.
Collaboration. Notes & Tasks assignment
Tired of discussing work-related issues in multiple messengers? Enhance teamwork in the workplace with Collaboration! Assign tasks, leave notes, and write comments on a specific record page. Chat with your teammates directly through Jet and make sure everyone is up-to-date.
Built-in 3rd party integrations
Get the most out of your favorite third-party services without leaving the admin panel interface! Jet Admin lets you bring all the apps your team needs to handle business operations and aggregate your key data spread across different platforms in one single view. The integration process will only take a couple of minutes.
Activity logs
Keep track of all changes made to any item with Activity log: what was done, by whom, and when. Search a specific modification in the activity log and filter results by types of activity.
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