How VIVART fueled its growth with a powerful admin interface dedicated to its ops team

thanks to Jet Admin

With Vasiliy Mazanyk, CEO at VIVART

VIVART — e-commerce marketplace for artists and art lovers. Customers buy paintings, artists offer their works. iOS users can hang a picture on the wall before buying. AR-technology in iOS-application helps art fans see how the purchase will look within the interior.
Since the very beginning VIVART had a Django Admin Panel that was provided out of the box. Like many growing companies, the admin panel wasn't a priority as the customer-facing product needed continuous improvement. But with the increasing amount of users and operations, the need for an advanced customer and workflow management, data visualization and related questions arose. The out of the box solution required constant refinement to implement the necessary features, which was critical for the growth of the company.

6 months ago, VIVART decided to implement Jet as their Admin Panel, providing a dedicated interface to their business operations team and allowing them to streamline their processes methodically. Jet selection helped the team start working at full capacity in just a few days compared to months of finalizing their admin panel

Painters' onboarding and management processes
The process of painter onboarding is fairly simple, as described on your right. Tom (Customer success manager) uses Jet admin interface to add every new painter to VIVART database using summary view. He can easily add painter information (name, address, telephone numbers, …), his works and set up an appointment.
Not so complicated but time-consuming when you don't have the right system to manage this data.
First rate customer support
Tom is also using his Jet admin interface to help the customer support team manage painter information, reset passwords modify phone number or cancel an order when needed. All these actions are technically defined (at Jet we called them Flex Actions) and easily accessible by special button. In a single click he can activate a process or access and modify painter information, VIVART prefer to secure.
Order Processing Management
When dealing with a large set of complex orders on time constraints, it is essential to have a comprehensive overview of the important aspects of your orders. This is a prerequisite to set yourself up for operational success.

Thanks to Jet Admin, you can easily track your orders in a visually attractive way that makes sense to your operations. Order collection, quality control and packaging can all be coordinated from your admin interface. Using Flex Segments and Flex Actions it requires minimal effort to set-up workflows for your operational teams responsible for the different tasks.
Shipping Management
Once operators processed an order, shipping team need to get the products to your customers in the most efficient way possible. Maintaining a simple overview of the shipping status and details is vital to your operational success.

Tom will no longer have to switch between the platforms or your different shipping partners. Using Summary Views and Flex Segments he can monitor all the data coming from partners and act upon them, straight from your admin panel using the Flex Actions. You can, for instance, send a templated email, notify your shipping partner that something went wrong or (re)submit required customs documents.
Inventory Management
Because solid inventory management is crucial to keeping your organisation lean and efficient, you need clarity. You need to the right tools to achieve this.

Thanks to Jet Admin you will be able to monitor and update your inventory database. In case certain products need to be ordered, you can do so straight from your Admin Panel. You can efficiently set-up workflows for your operational teams, allowing you to structure and streamline your inventory process. In case you are working with third-party services you can reconcile your inventory data with your order and customer data.


Jet Admin enabled VIVART to save a considerable amount of time, allowing their business operations team to focus on delivering best-in class service rather than dealing with time-consuming processes. Jet's advanced workflow management tool allowed them to automate crucial tasks in their business value chain, increasing productivity globally and ensuring a second to none service towards their clients.
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